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Seashore Juniors Fall 2020


The Juniors program at Seashore Soccer League provides young players with an introduction to soccer. Our age-appropriate curriculum ensures players will master new skills every session. Skills include dribbling, passing, goal scoring, teamwork, and more! Each session, our coaches will teach players a new skill, and they will put it to use in fun games as well as scrimmages! All of our coaches have extensive backgrounds in playing and/or coaching soccer, and we hope to instill our love and passion for soccer in our young players!

This program is for players aged 3-6, and will run once a week for 6 weeks. Our juniors practices will consist of pool training. This means that there will be no teams. Instead, all players will practice together and focus on individual development. Pool training is very beneficial because it shifts the focus from team success to every player’s improvement. It helps beginners focus on learning and loving the sport instead of winning or losing.  Also, it helps coaches give deliberate and consistent instruction to each player. See below for a preview of our curriculum.

Week 1: Dribbling

Teach the players how to take small kicks to keep the ball close. We dribble the ball to control it, and pass to teammates or score a goal. Have players say “tick tock” or say the alphabet every time they touch the ball. Teach players to stop the ball with the bottom of their foot, use this as a “ready and paying attention” position.  

  • Stay away from Sully warm up: Create 20x20 yard area. Players run around inside the area trying to stay away from Sully (defender). If player is tagged they must stand on the spot until high 5’d by another player
  • Mr. Potato Head Body Parts: All players are a Mr/Mrs Potato Head and must collect their body parts. Each player has a ball and dribbles inside the area. Coach will call out body parts. When a body part is called the player must stop their ball and place that body part on the ball to collect the body part.
  • Scrimmage

Week 2: Passing

Explain that passing means kicking the ball to a teammate to get closer to the goal, and that we have to focus on kicking the ball where we want it to go. 

  • Pirate ships: Everybody is a pirate ship, your ball is a cannon ball. Players try to sink the coach’s ship by kicking their ball and hitting their feet. Progress into sinking everybody’s ship. 
  • Monsters: Cones are set up around the area and are called “monsters.” Players defeat the monsters by kicking their ball into the cone to knock it down.
  • Scrimmage

Week 3: Shooting

Teach players to kick the ball as hard as they can into the goal using their laces.

  • Before games, give each player a chance to place the ball in front of the goal and try to use their laces.
  • Messy room: Balls are scattered  around the field, have players kick all of the balls into the goals to clean up. 
  • Steal the Bacon: 2 teams on opposite sides of the field, give each player a number. Coach throws in a ball and calls a number. Those players try to score. Call all of the numbers to transition to full scrimmage. 

Week 4: Teamwork 

Teamwork means to work together to score a goal. We don't steal the ball from our teammate, we try to pass to them so we can move up the field.

  • Saving Gotham: Split players into two teams, 1 team in each end zone. Each player has a ball. When coach shouts ‘go’ each player leaves their ball and steals a ball from the other teams zone and bring it back to their own zone. Team with most balls in their zone after 2 minutes wins.
  • Clean out the back yard: Split players into 2 teams, one on each half. Scatter balls in the field. Each team tries to kick all of the balls out of their half, into the other team’s half. The team with less balls in their half wins.
  • Scrimmage

Week 5: Defense

Defense means to stop the other team from scoring a goal. We play defense by not letting the other team run past us, and blocking them when they kick the ball.

  • Steal the Cape (warm-up): Each player has a pinny tucked into their shirt (like a cape). Superman will try and grab as many of the bad guy pinny’s as possible. Once a pinny has been taken, it is dropped on the floor so the player can tuck the pinny in and re-join the game. Players move around the area trying to keep away from all other players. 
  • Thomas and Percy (warm-up): Players work in pairs. One player is Thomas and one is Percy. Thomas will move around the area and Percy must follow and copy everything Thomas does. Switch roles after 45 seconds.
  • Sharks and Minnows: Players line up on one side with their ball, one shark in the middle. Minnows try to dribble their ball to the other side without letting the shark (defender) get their ball. Rotate sharks. 
  • Scrimmage

Week 6: Fancy Feet

These are fun skills they can practice at home, and show their family. Juggling, toe touches, rollovers, and pull-back.

  • Red Light Green Light: Imagine the field is a big racetrack. Players drive their cars around the track and listen to the lights. Use red light for stop and green light for dribble, then add different colored lights for the new movements.
  • Scrimmage